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First AML

Purpose-built in a single platform, First AML saves you time, money and frustration on your AML process. 

From the simplest EIV checks through to the most difficult and risky areas of compliance, First AML is the unrivalled choice for complex or multinational onboarding, streamlined collaboration and AML consistency.


Discover frictionless AML compliance with our award-winning anti-money laundering solution. Perform your due diligence, carry out Know Your Customer and Adverse Media checks in the UK or abroad, all with our sophisticated electronic verification platform.

- SmartSearch home page, September 2023



Individuals / KYC


Simple companies / KYB


Complex companies / KYB


Automatic company extract retrieval 


Manual retrieval

Verification configuration (unique or rules-based per client)


Daily screening - PEP, sanctions and adverse media


Risk mitigation


Different acronyms, same as First AML: KYC, pKYC, CDD

KYC record keeping access

90 days for Open Banking source of income only. 30 days for biometric or face data


Company structure chart auto build


Persons of Significant Control (PSC) identity auto-reveal

Only available after you manually build the company structure chart and request PSCs

Custom risk assessments



Risk-based AML recommendations


Source of Wealth


UK bank statements only via Open Banking

Source of Funds


White-labelled SMS and email document requests


Customisable (content and cadence) auto reminders



ISO 27001 certified


"We will usually store your personal data on secure servers in the relevant jurisdiction. We also have in place procedures for dealing with data breaches." - Privacy Policy

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