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KYC / KYB Ecosystem

 One place, one solution. 

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One trusted space for pre-verified complex entities. 

Welcome to the First AML ecosystem. 

No pain. Yes ease.

Reduce AML costs
Have happy customers
Meet compliance

Benefits beyond re-use.

Live track - real time case progression

Create, track and collaborate on AML cases in real-time, so you know exactly where they're at.

Request a case and the First AML workflow engine kicks off a smart task list, specifying what needs to be collected from the customer, verified or retrieved from our AML ecosystem. As each task is completed the activity log is automatically updated, giving real-time visibility into case status and making you audit-ready, all the time. 

Perpetual storage, five years to forever

First AML storage is forever. Documents, decisions and verifications are always available meaning no more fragmented record keeping, bad experiences, repetition frustration or audit failures.

Audit-ready, all-the-time

A single repository for documents, decisions and verifications allows auditors to simply pull batches of sample cases or run requested reports. No manual tasks required.

Do it once, do it right.

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