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Solve your school's toughest compliance challenges.

Know who is paying your school fees and avoid reputational damage. 

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Integrity and excellence in your AML.

Protect your school's legacy and reputation for years to come. First AML is the compliance partner you need to understand who is behind your school fees and mitigate the risk of negative press.

Exceptionally easy.

First AML provides an exceptionally easy way to complete your KYC requirements. For bursars and administrators it offers intuitive, easy to use request and approval functionality. While for the parents of your students, it provides a superior customer experience, leaving them feeling positive about your school and the process.

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Continuous monitoring.

Reduce risk exposure from quickly-changing PEP and sanctions list inclusions with First AML's continuous monitoring

Automatic client cross checks are conducted daily against the latest and cleanest global lists.

If a new match is found a notification is delivered to your inbox, in an at-a-glance format, for immediate and proactive action.   

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Red flags for schools.

The First AML platform will significantly help, but also look out for:

  • Are the parents foreign nationals, or resident in, a high-risk country?
  • Are fee payments or donations unusually large or frequent?
  • Do school fee payments or donations involve complex entities or illogical transaction chains?
  • Does the parent’s assets seem inconsistent / unusual given their known legitimate income?
  • Is the parent behaving unusually?
  • Does the parent hold a prominent public job or function?

KYC publications for schools.

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Case study: University of Canterbury

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School fees and the money laundering risk

Specialist AML for your most common clients.

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Customer centricity, unbelievable passion, endless positivity, lateral thinking and an ever-vigilant compliance and security focus.

First AML has removed friction and materially decreased verification delays from our customer due diligence process.
Greg Starr MinterEllisonRuddWatts
With First AML the onboarding experience is effortless.
Belinda Sinopoli Certane
First AML offers outsized operational impact and we've never had a customer complaint.
Matt Gunn Icehouse Ventures

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