First AML frequently asked questions.

Is out sourcing our Customer Due Diligence obligations allowed?

Yes, the majority of countries around the world allow for this e.g. Section 34 of the Anti-money laundering and counter financing of terrorism Act 2009 allows for this in NZ.

Why would I use First AML over an electronic verification tool?

First AML takes care of the whole process for you, not just the ID verification step. We understand the challenges of this administrative AML onboarding burden and have built bespoke technology to solve this in conjunction with a dedicated team of Analysts.

Where are First AML's analysts based?

All analysts are locally based. We are dedicated to providing you and your customers a localised onboarding experience which is familiar and easy.

Will we ever share your personal data?

Only with your express consent. We will never share or sell this data with any other company for any reason unless enforced by law. This data is protected by the highest level of security (see security page).

Can my ID verification data be reused?

Yes, you can request this data to be reused for future Customer Due Diligence matters if asked in the future. You will need to provide your express consent.

Setting up a Compliance Programme?

We provide a guideline when setting up a compliance programme.
Download Here: FirstAML Compliance Programme Guideline.pdf