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How to Win at AML Compliance:
Top tips for audits and training

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Getting your AML compliance right can be a challenge.

Here are practical ways to make it easier for you.

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  • a practical deep dive into preparing for your AML audit
  • real-world auditing mistake analysis and reviews
  • a framework for ensuring your staff is fully trained in accordance with the AML/CFT or AML/CTF Act.

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Meet the speakers

Akash leads One AML, drawing on his previous consulting experiences at Deloitte NZ and PwC UK, where he worked on multiple AML/CFT advisory engagements for banks and large financial services firms.
Akash Kushal Director, One AML
Emma is the co-founder of Alpha AML Training and combines her past experience in the legal sector for Baldwins, and in the online education industry for Unfiltered, to uniquely, easily and effectively train staff in AML processes.
Emma Senior Co-Founder & Managing Director, Alpha AML
Meeka works with First AML’s global client base to ensure best practices in all things CDD. This experience, along with her previous role at BNZ, helps her help clients with their AML delivery requirements and address common CDD related mistakes.
Meeka Vercruyssen Head of Delivery, First AML