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Customers want out-of-the-box AML onboarding processes that are quick, convenient and compliant. Grow your expertise, your solution offering and your business, with the First AML partner program.
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Grow new revenue streams
Refer your customers to First AML as a trusted AML onboarding service provider and get paid for it.
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Close deals with a more complete offering
Drive and accelerate sales, with a complete sales story that resonates with your customers, is relevant to their industry, and matches the problems they're facing.
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Expand your market reach
Connect with more prospects and accelerate your pipeline with a complementary go-to-market partner.
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Stay relevant
Differentiate against competitors by making compliance easier, quicker and always up to date.
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Is the First AML partner program right for you?

We are proud to partner with leading organisations around the world who work with First AML to limit criminal exploitation of the financial system. 


√ Professional services

√ Financial administrators

√ Platform integrators

We would never get rid of First AML. We rely on them heavily and all our entities / people data are in their system.

– Daniel Danilov, Blackbird 


Types and benefits

Explore partnership options and find the best fit for your company. Each partnership type offers unique benefits to match your specific business goals.


Broaden your value offering by referring your customers to  First AML as a trusted AML onboarding service provider.

No referral fees are paid, ensuring your unbiased market leader position.


Expand your market reach by partnering with First AML through sponsorship, membership or event hosting agreements. 


Broaden your value and develop a new revenue stream by referring your customers to First AML as a trusted AML onboarding service provider.


Provide a better experience by  integrating with the First AML platform as a technical alliance. Or take a more proactive approach and reap the benefits as an Alliance, Co-op or Referral partner.

How is First AML different?

We complete the entire process.

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