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List fast.
Comply quickly.

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100% secure. Used by 40% of NZ’s realtors.

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Get the drop on other agents with competitive compliance. You have to do it anyway, so let’s smooth the process, get the information you need while making the experience as easy as possible for your vendors.

We combine the best of everything; cutting edge technology, exceptional security and a team of local analysts to make it all just happen.

Leaving your team to sell more properties, all the while ensuring you’re 100% compliant and have happy vendors.

Since signing with First AML and moving from a manual, paper based process, we have noticed a significant easing in the onerous task of AML data collation.

– Mark Hamilton, Tommy’s Real Estate.

Ticks every box.
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Real estate dominant, super secure, local expert analysts.

Verify vendors before you're even back at the office.

Trusts and other entities are easy for us, single vendors are even easier. First AML enables super speedy completion of vendor identification, with most individuals being verified in less than a minute.

While complex entities such as companies or trusts, are handled by our local team of specialist analysts. They define the structures, chase documents and guide all parties through the process. Easy.

Security to rival the best.

First AML is built on a security-first premise, so you and your clients can be assured their sensitive information will remain private.

Thanks to our ISO 27001 certification, encrypted HTTPS protocols, regularly reviewed cypher suites, rotated encryption keys and more, we guarantee your clients’ data is safe and secure.  

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The winning trifecta: technology, security and an exceptional experience.

Easily meet your initial and ongoing compliance requirements while making your AML processes consistent, auditable and cost effective with First AML. Our AML / CDD technology platform provides a single, secure place to request, review and store your CDD verifications.

While our local team of expert analysts make the AML process a pleasure for your vendors and purchasers alike. Speaking more than 17 languages helps remove any barriers and ensure a professional and consistent approach until the job’s done.

Join the network - verify once, and once only.

First AML’s network of hundreds of thousands of pre-verified  entities means means your clients are saved from unnecessary repetitive verifications. 

Make doing business just that much easier. Your high value, high frequency clients will prefer you for it.


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Competitive compliance

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Find out why so many of New Zealand’s real estate agencies are embracing AML to combat a highly competitive market.

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