Ensure competitive compliance with the AML/CFT act

We verify individuals via a secure, digital form which includes Electronic Biometric Verification. This contextual information is provided to Compliance Officers who conduct the risk assessment. Our team of dedicated AML analysts work with the individual and Compliance Officer to ensure they are who they say are, taking this burden off your hands.
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Why is AML/CFT compliance in
NZ so important?

Anti Money Laundering (AML)

Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT)

AML risk assessment

When you onboard a customer with First AML, we undertake the whole end to end coordination of CDD data collection for individuals and complex entites. This includes a biometric electronic ID verification. When your customer completes a First AML identity verification form on their mobile phone or computer, we use robust 1000 point facial recognition technology to provide the customer with a world-class remote verification experience. We then use matching algorithms to make sure their face matches the picture on the document. Our AML solution platform then allows you to track these records for ease of reporting.

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We help businesses comply with the AML/CFT regulations for a range of industries

We understand the importance of guarding your client relationships and maintaining your trusted brand. First AML ensures that you comply with all AML requirements, without spending your billable hours in the process.

AML for Law Firms

Get AML compliance sorted swiftly and efficiently with us. We know the importance of getting on with business in the real estate sector, so we take the pain away from you with our efficient and cost effective AML software solution.

AML for Real Estate Agents

With increasing compliance requirements, you can trust that your customer onboarding and AML compliance is done right.

AML for Financial Service

Getting AML compliance sorted in a cost effective and timely manner means that you can use your billable hours to do what you do best – perform business advisory for your clients. You can trust us to do things right.

AML for Accountants

Our software solution means that you can get AML verified with a business, anywhere. Get onboarded from anywhere in the world in just a few short steps, taking away the pain of paperwork.

Learn more for Verifying as an Individual

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How does our AML process work for you?

Submit a case

Enter any details you have of the customer you want to onboard, even if it’s just their name and contact.

CDD verification completed by our team

Our skilled team of analysts and biometric identity verification process means that all CDD requirements are sorted for you.

Notification of your CDD/KYC check complete

Get an email notification from our analyst team that your case has been completed, and access the records via our secure storage platform.

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