Standard operating procedure

Electronic Identity Verification (EIV)

Electronic Identity Verification (EIV)

First AML verifies the identity of individuals by verifying their full name and either their date of birth or residential address electronically.

EIV process

First AML will verify the identity of individuals electronically through one of the following identity documents: 

  • New Zealand Passport
  • New Zealand Driver Licence
  • Australian Passport 
  • Australian Driver Licence

These documents are verified against the relevant government databases. Individuals are sent the First AML verification web form and asked to supply images of one of the identity documents requested. 

First AML will seek explicit consent from the customer before conducting any electronic verification.

Consent is provided through First AML’s web-based verification form. If a client does not submit their identity documents through the form, First AML will confirm consent with the customer before verification.

For address verification, individuals are asked to provide their current residential address which First AML will verify against one of the following: 

  • Land Information New Zealand
  • Centrix Credit Bureau 
  • New Zealand Companies Office Register
  • White Pages
  • New Zealand Transport Agency Vehicle Registration

How we meet Safe Harbour

First AML verifies individuals using two independent and reliable electronic sources. Our process is developed in line with Example 2 in the July 2021 IVCOP Explanatory Note.

This includes biometric/OCR verification with ‘additional measures’ such as facial recognition to link the person to the identity they are claiming. Anti-tampering and forgery checks are conducted on all identity documents.

Being able to outsource our AML compliance requirements, means our staff are not bogged down making everyone happy.

Mike Kemps, Kemps Weir Lawyers

First AML is a holistic service in terms of contacting clients getting identity information, then completing the PEP check and returning the verification report.

– Lisle Clements, Grant Thornton