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Case management


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AML case management for the ethically minded. 

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Case dashboard

From a birds eye view, down to individual tasks, the First AML dashboard gives compliance teams at-a-glance understanding of each case, associated activities and their status.  

Customer onboarding Monitoring

Smart lists and activity logs

Request a case and the First AML workflow engine kicks off a smart task list, specifying what needs to be collected from the customer, removing the need for traditional bulky application forms. As each task is completed the activity log is automatically updated, giving real-time visibility into case status and making you audit-ready, all the time.

AML workflow

Individual to complex cases.

One-click escalation and we'll take care of it all. Unlike simple EIV providers, with First AML if an EIV and auto clean up fail, one click turns a Lite case into a full case for ultimate compliance coverage

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