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"We had a big fund with about 200 investors, and we had to run a full AML check on every single one of them. Without having implemented the process and relationship with First AML it would have been a disaster trying to navigate all of those internally."

Dan Danilov, Operations Manager, Blackbird VC

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Secure those same day unit prices. Uncover opportunities. Create sustainable value. By minimising the compliance burden with First AML you're free to focus on more.

KYC Ecosystem

The First AML Ecosystem centralises hundreds and thousands of domestic and overseas investors' KYC and KYB information allowing for consent-based data sharing across funds. Built for superior speed and maximum efficiency, the First AML Passport is a must for fund and asset managers with a strong complex and non individual investor base.
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EIV fail safe

If EIV fails, don't worry, you have backup.

Practical AML logic is in-built to First AML's decision engines, so if something goes wrong, additional workflows trigger, prompting customers to upload original documents via secure web forms, keeping the process on track,  and making sure that work isn't falling back on your team.

Smart lists and activity logs

Request a case and the First AML workflow engine kicks off a smart task list, specifying what needs to be collected from the customer, removing the need for traditional bulky application forms. As each task is completed the activity log is automatically updated, giving real-time visibility into case status and making you audit-ready, all the time.

AML workflow

"What I love about First AML is how easy it is to use the platform - the intuitive UI makes it very user-friendly."

Ellie Hall, Ops Associate, Jelix VC

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