KYC for High Net Worth Individuals

Get to the point, keep your high net worth individuals happy and cover yourself against fast moving PEP and sanctions lists.

Solve your toughest AML challenges with high and ultra high net worth clients.

Complex entities and international UBOs.

The First AML platform helps you easily address: 

  • Tax haven domiciled entities
  • Uncovering UBOs
  • Family office complexity
  • Unusual wealth types such as crypto, gems, NFTs and art

Non standard KYC/B

Continuous monitoring.

Reduce risk exposure from quickly-changing PEP and sanctions list inclusions with First AML's continuous monitoring

Automatic client cross checks are conducted daily against the latest and cleanest global lists.

If a new match is found a notification is delivered to your inbox, in an at-a-glance format, for immediate and proactive action.   

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Trusted by local and global companies

No 'back and forth'

We've done AML for years and have perfected the tools and processes to remove the most burdensome, time-intensive tasks.

Once you have the documents they're stored in a single ecosystem for future quick retrieval.

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Exceptional experiences.

First AML embeds excellent experience in the KYC/KYB process in five key areas:

  • Original document collection, such as SoW and SoF
  • KYC ecosystem for quick retrievals
  • Optimised workflows and smart tasks 
  • Smart automation that removes admin-heavy tasks

Onboarding experiences

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