KYC for overseas clients

Support foreign direct investment or participation while protecting against PEP and sanction list inclusion.

Solve your toughest AML challenges with overseas clients.

Onboarding complex entities

Remove difficulty and process time.

Complex entities are difficult. First AML specialises in providing accurate and fast KYB for complex entities.

  • International clients
  • Tax haven domiciled entities
  • Uncovering opaque UBOs
  • Family office complexity
  • SoW/SoF

Non standard KYC/B Customer onboarding

Continuous monitoring.

Reduce risk exposure from quickly-changing PEP and sanctions list inclusions with First AML's continuous monitoring

Automatic client cross checks are conducted daily against the latest and cleanest global lists.

If a new match is found a notification is delivered to your inbox, in an at-a-glance format, for immediate and proactive action.   

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Trusted by local and global companies

KYC for every investor type

Overseas clients are lucrative but inherently more risky. The First AML platform helps you address the unique needs for both individuals and business clients while delivering excellent onboarding experiences.

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Onboarding overseas clients

Don't let foreign companies, tax haven domiciles or the physical absence of your client stop a deal. With the First AML platform onboarding overseas clients is easy.

Customer onboarding

KYC publications for overseas clients

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