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Riding the dip: Compliance in a downturn market

We’ve seen this before.

It’s the end of a 13-year bull market.

We’ve seen the fastest stock drop in history. We’ve bubbled or spread financial contagion across every asset class. The potential of unexpected failings is profound.

BUT. We have seen this before: 1929, 1989, 2000 and most recently, 2008.

To help you through the expected recession, sage, experienced business leaders and collated the best research and insights from leading consulting firms to get their insights on:

  • The current downturn and how it’s affecting business as well as the economy at large
  • Lessons learned from past downturns
  • How they still meet compliance requirements with smaller budgets and lower headcounts
  • And what they’re doing now to thrive, not just survive, when the boom hits again.

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Leon Bowker

Partner, Deal Advisory

Dave McQueen

Group Executive and
Chief Strategy & Risk Officer
Loan Market Group

Sam Halse

Chief Operations Officer
First AML