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Ongoing Customer Due Diligence (OCDD)

Your client today is likely not the one you onboarded. First AML Source automatically checks and alerts you to:

And during your standard operating procedure, source of funds and source of wealth can also be automatically requested then logged against the client manifest.

PEPs Sanctions and adverse media

Daily background monitoring automates client screening against more than 1,100 real-time PEPs and Sanctions lists across the globe.

In-built intelligence automatically triages results, dramatically reducing false positives. Then real-time exception-based reports of new inclusions are delivered straight to your inbox for action. 

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Remediation and KYC backlog

Quickly and easily address AML remediation projects caused by legacy technology or just the shear volume of KYC cases. Source offers a number of key features:

Comprehensive audit trails

Capture complete record of requirements, sources, actions and approvals. Say goodbye to weak audit trails.

Holistic visibility

Visual indicators give at-a-glance status. No more wondering if your client has responded or provided information.

Audit trail of risk decisions

Equip staff to make risk-aware choices by sharing assessment data, and store it all for future reference.

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