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Structure your KYC programme, yet scale and flex as you need.

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Identity verification

Verify identities anywhere, any time. Source by First AML provides flexibility and scalability to meet your unique risk appetite.

  • Adaptive, rule-based verifications, triggering relevant due diligence checks based on specific customer risk levels. 
  • AI-driven biometric verification for face match and liveness 
  • Document verification and anti tampering checks

Identity verification IDV

Risk assessments and scoring

Define your own risk assessments directly in Source, supporting a seamless onboarding process and directly linking individuals to risk, identity and associated entities where relevant.

Risk assessments

Automation, workflow and orchestration

You won't find these anywhere else. 

  • Trigger communications via email and SMS, set at your cadence, to automatically remind clients to complete their IDV.
  • If any fail, automatic requests for additional documentation go out for capture via secure web form.
  • In-built logic suggests tailored next steps for each verification if required.
  • A complete audit trail saves a comprehensive record of communications, documents, actions and approvals. View all CDD data, requirements, actions, and progress, and identify outstanding needs and bottlenecks quickly.

Automation, workflow and orchestration

Ongoing monitoring

Daily background monitoring automates client screening against more than 1,100 real-time PEPs and Sanctions lists across the globe.

Manage by exception with Source's automated alerts and reminders for issues such as PEPs or sanctions list inclusions and upcoming identification expiries.

Ongoing monitoring

Accuracy at speed

Support staff to make well informed decisions without negatively impacting customer relationships of jeopardising revenue. In-built logic suggests tailored next steps for each case. No more unstructured processes.

Direct or embedded IDV

In your onboarding flow or seperate. You choose how your clients complete their IDV.

Holistic visibility

Visual indicators give at-a-glance status. No more wondering if your client has responded or provided information.

Security and privacy

Compliance and auditing

First AML is audited every twelve months by the British Standards Institute as part of our ISO27001:2013 certification requirements. First AML complies with relevant privacy legislation within the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australian, and European countries (GDPR).

Data security

All data transmitted and stored via the First AML platform is encrypted both in transit and at rest using the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt data.

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