Better compliance, more listings: Professionals McDowell RE

17 June, 2021

Let’s be honest – AML is a burden.

Yet, there’s no doubt about its importance. Collectively, we are all helping to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, and therefore helping to keep the economy safer. However, with regulatory pressures mounting on real estate agencies to meet all the compliance requirements, it can be a tough process understanding exactly how to keep compliant and what steps to take. 

Our platform and service is based around the belief that you shouldn’t have to spend your valuable hours understanding and implementing a process that you’ve had little time learning about. As a real estate agent, your time can be spent doing higher value work, engaging vendors and clients, and ultimately selling more houses.

Here’s how we helped McDowell Real Estate to get more listings, while keeping their peace of mind that they are staying AML compliant.


“As most in the industry will agree, AML is not too popular! However, as we all have to abide by the Act’s regulations, it seems a no brainer to engage with a third party provider to take care of it all for you. From a compliance perspective, First AML have alleviated any uncertainty in making sure our team at McDowell Real Estate Ltd meet the extensive requirements for this legislation. 
Having a dedicated team of expert analysts conduct all levels of CDD, our salespeople & myself as compliance officer can get on with what we do best – List, sell & market property! The DIA are not so lenient as Phase 2 entities move out of the ‘educational mode’ the DIA granted in the first 2 years. As most firms will have already completed their first audit, I can hand on heart say that I am at total peace moving forward with the knowledge that we are completely protected with the assistance & reassurance that First AML provide.
A friendly, helpful and understanding team of amazing people who have made our lives in this crazy busy world we call Real Estate so much easier! Thank you First AML!”
- Kellie Kanara-Batt, Sales Manager, McDowell RE


“We thought we had it sussed! Early in our journey through the complex world of AML compliance we scrambled to find a system that kept our sales people listing and selling. Undistracted by this new and apparent barrier to obtaining listings, we wanted our salespeople to remain productive. The massive time cost was lumbered our sales manager with the all-consuming role of being a busy compliance officer. 
Then First AML offered us a solution that simply made economic sense. Our sales managers time was way more profitable focusing on sales productivity. That in itself made the cost of handing the whole thing to First AML one of the best business decisions we have made in recent times. Our team productivity increase has far outweighed the cost of outsourcing to First AML. Thank you First AML. We can get back to doing what we do best, get more listings!”
- Steve Lovegrove, Director / Principal, McDowell RE

About First AML

First AML streamlines the entire anti-money laundering onboarding and compliance process. Backed by real expertise, its cloud-based KYC Passport allows complex entities to share their verification across multiple companies and geographies, at their discretion.

Making an otherwise complex and manual onboarding process simple for clients and cost effective and compliant for businesses, First AML delivers efficiency and time savings, protecting reputations, and enabling companies to be on the right side of history in the face of global threats.

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