Source Feature Spotlight: Custom communications

30 May, 2024

With Source, you own your communications.

One of the most common issues compliance teams face with AML efforts is effective communication with clients.

​​​​​​With Source, you own your communications.

From the logo, to the required documents, all the way to the unique wording in every message. See how you can achieve this level of custom communications in Source.



Source allows for white-labelling. See how you can add your own logo and brand colours easily to your platform settings.

Custom requirement

In the Manifest settings, you'll find an exhaustive list of requirements you may want to collect from your client. You can also add your own unique requirement to this list to suit your compliance programme. 

Email text

Source has preset email templates for you to use instantly. In addition to this, Source also allows you to edit and customise the text in the email to suit your brand tone and voice, enhancing the sense of familiarity for your client.

We hope you enjoy these features!

About First AML

First AML streamlines the entire anti-money laundering onboarding and compliance process. Backed by real expertise, its cloud-based KYC Passport allows complex entities to share their verification across multiple companies and geographies, at their discretion.

Making an otherwise complex and manual onboarding process simple for clients and cost effective and compliant for businesses, First AML delivers efficiency and time savings, protecting reputations, and enabling companies to be on the right side of history in the face of global threats.

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