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First AML is the KYC partner you need to support your company's desire to do the right thing while delivering an exceptional ROI. Meet your compliance requirements with scalability and fiscal responsibility in mind.

Peace of mind.

The First AML platform is built to regulations and embedded with smart workflows born from deep domain expertise. As regulation requirements change, so too does the platform. 

A superior user interface makes quick work of case requests, leaving your team to focus on billables and advisory rather than document chasing. 

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Continuous monitoring.

Reduce risk exposure from quickly-changing PEP and sanctions list inclusions with First AML's continuous monitoring

Automatic client cross checks are conducted daily against the latest and cleanest global lists.

If a new match is found a notification is delivered to your inbox, in an at-a-glance format, for immediate and proactive action.   

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Power through audits.

First AML offers flexibility automation and transparency, making audits an easy task. Thanks to:

  • No manual tasks.
  • Easy exception management
  • Auditor-only, read access
  • Perpetual storage for instant auditability
  • Pre-defined audit-ready reports

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KYC and KYB publications for accounting firms.

70% of accountants have money laundering fears over Russian dark funds

Your Complete Guide to Setting Up a Successful AML Compliance Programme

This guide breaks down the steps your business needs to take when setting up a successful compliance programme. 

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5 Things Accounting Firms Should Consider When Outsourcing AML

Regulations, privacy concerns, obscure control and ownership structures. Take a deep dive to see how to address it.

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Tax havens: the wealthy, the bad and the ugly

For maximum tax efficiency, the wealthy create complex or opaque structures with multiple layers of ownership and shareholdings. 

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8 common struggles with Source of Wealth and Source of Funds

Source of Wealth and Source of Funds are often used interchangeably but they don't mean the same thing. Find out the key differences and impacts.

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Specialist AML for your most common clients.

KYC for private wealth.

Are your High Net Worth Individuals and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals on a PEP or sanction list? And where did their money really come from?

We have years of experience working with privately wealthy people and will help you cut through pre-made AML packs, tax-efficient structures located in tax havens, all while keeping them happy.

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KYC for overseas investors.

Ensure your overseas investor clients can quickly and easily make investments while meeting AML requirements.

Tax haven countries, foreign languages and family office are all easily managed with First AML.

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Here’s why our clients love First AML.

What I like about First AML is that it makes it easy and painless for our customers.
Lisle Clements Grant Thornton
I’d recommend looking at First AML. It gives people a little more peace of mind.
Howard Ringrose Partner / MLRO
First AML's simplicity and ease of use has streamlined and simplified the AML process, resulting in faster client onboarding.
Hamish Baker Baker Accounting

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