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A smarter way for accurate, easy and ongoing KYC and KYB.

Meet compliance obligations, reduce administrative burden and streamline onboarding for both clients and your team.

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Millions of clients are verified faster through 1000s of companies with First AML.

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Integrity, ease and on-charging.

You've built your firm's reputation on more than just legal work. First AML is the compliance partner that helps you meet your obligations while delivering a great onboarding experience for your clients.

Plus, we can show you how to seamlessly on-charge AML costs to them.

Exceptionally easy

First AML provides an exceptionally easy way to complete your KYC / KYB requirements. For your team it offers intuitive, easy to use request and approval functionality. While for your clients it provides a superior customer experience, leaving them feeling positive about your firm and the process.

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AML risk assessments

Experience a new era of AML risk assessments.

Bid farewell to spreadsheets as you seamlessly integrate customised digital risk assessments directly into your compliance program and automatically match assessments with clients.
Comprehensive audit logs, transparent risk decisions, customisable risk models and trigger actions based on risk levels set a new standard in risk management.

AML risk assessments


It’s your AML command centre.

Streamline workflows and empower users with intelligent prompts and automated processes. The Manifest serves as a centralised hub for effortless case management, providing clarity on CDD data, requirements, actions, and progress.
Simplify KYC fulfilment through automated reminders, IDV requests, verifications, email communication with clients, in-built logic and visual indicators for holistic understanding.


Don't be fooled by multiple tools.

Do it all in Source, the First AML platform.

Point solutions cost little individually, but add up to bill shock. Do it right from the start with an all-in-one AML platform.

First AML

Integrates with your PMS.


First AML integrates with Actionstep utilising a low code, Power Automate integration from Verlata. This integration offers high levels of customisation allowing you to make it your own and fit your practice’s unique workflows.

The First AML and Actionstep integration ensures a seamless onboarding with no double handling.

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Elite 3E

First AML integrates with 3E utilising the native 3E API. This integration offers the perfect blend of flexibility, resilience, and speed, helping you focus on what matters most, serving your clients.

Capture all your client, matter and related party information through a Microsoft Power App which is embedded into the 3E dashboard.

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Hear from our partners.

"Firms often struggle to get the AML discipline balance right - CDD can be under or overdone which can in some cases create additional unnecessary work for the firm and customer. 

I see a lot of value for mid- to large-sized firms to have something to guide them with requirements, particularly firms looking along the lines of or asking themselves if they should invest in a centralised team. 

First AML’s platform helps firms understand what documents are required for each client and if there’s anything else they need to ask for. This is also useful where there may be differing levels of AML experience levels or confidence within the firm.

We like working with First AML because they’re transparent on what the product does. It's important to show the regulator you understand what your AML software is doing for you and the source of where the data is coming from."

 Amy Bell, Teal Compliance

KYB and KYC resources for law firms

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UK law firms banned from handling transactional legal advisory services for Russians

In response to the annexation of Ukrainian provinces by Putin, the UK has announced new sanctions as of 3rd of October.

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4 Ways to Make AML Easier for Small & Medium Sized Law Firms

Tailored for small and medium law firms, our Chief Revenue Officer discusses compliance and technology nd shares practical advice on how law firms can meet their AML obligations. Watch here.

8 common struggles with Source of Funds and Source of Wealth

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Customers love First AML.

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"First AML is extremely easy to use. Great support from the team too!"

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Patterson Hopkins

"I really appreciate how efficient and easy-to-use the First AML platform is."

Kirsten Foote

WRMK Lawyers

Martin Fine Law
"First AML has provided the discipline that we needed to get our policies and procedures for AML in place."

Martin Fine

Martin Fine Business Law Limited

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