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Complex British and international entities are our speciality.

Let's make it fast, secure, and compliant.
"We had a big fund with about 200 investors, and we had to run a full AML check on every single one of them. Without having implemented the process and relationship with First AML it would have been a disaster trying to navigate all of those internally."

Dan Danilov, Operations Manager, Blackbird VC

Active management meets risk mitigation.

As you actively manage investment portfolios and mitigate risk for clients, the First AML platform actively manages AML requirements and mitigates repetitional risk for you.

KYB Inspect

Unwrap complex entity and ownership structures with a click.

With a single button press, visualise entities, UBOs, PSCs, and connections, even across multiple jurisdictions. Automatically retrieve and map verified shareholder data into your entity structures. Welcome to a new era of clarity and simplicity in KYB entity analysis.

KYB inspect

Source of Funds and Source of Wealth

Financial insights and compelling narratives. It's so much more than an Open Banking check.

With Source by First AML, unravelling complex financial stories becomes effortless. The Manifest serves as your guide, simplifying information requests and liberating time to dive deep into how customers amassed their wealth, verifying its legitimacy, and identifying potential additional beneficial owners.

Automated communications empower customers to securely submit evidence while centralised document requests, secure data storage and decision notes auto-build a comprehensive audit trail.

Source of funds and source of wealth

Elevate your KYC Workflow

Source by First AML redefines KYC with a streamlined, efficient, and customisable approach.

  • Integrated data feeds simplify data management
  • Customisation options adapt Source to your unique AML processes
  • Centralised, timely and relevant information reduces time-to-decision
  • Auto alerts and reminders allow management by exception
  • Audit trails are auto-built with every action
  • Adaptive rule-based verifications trigger relevant due diligence checks based on specific customer risk levels.


"What I love about First AML is how easy it is to use the platform - the intuitive UI makes it very user-friendly."

Ellie Hall, Ops Associate, Jelix VC

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