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Your one source for AML

We've merged all your AML, KYC and KYB tools into one platform. 


Verify individuals and entities globally. Source by First AML automatically scans:

  • 1,100+ real-time PEPs and Sanctions lists across the globe.
  • 300+ corporate registries across 100 countries.
  • Hundreds of reliable and independent sources e.g. government ID databases, credit and consumer bureaus etc.
  • Automatic integration of IDV results added directly to Source.

  • Intelligent workflows to automatically address eIDV fails.

Individual verifications KYB verifications 

AML Risk Assessment

Orchestration, workflows and automation

We spent five years conducting KYC and KYB for clients. This unparalleled depth of domain expertise has been poured into Source, to give an unprecedented user experience. You'll come for the features, but stay for the workflow. 

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A single source to tell the story

Centralise all relevant customer information in one place and understand it at a glance.  

  • Consolidate all CDD data, entities, requirements and actions in one area, the Manifest. Stop jumping between systems.
  • Achieve quicker decisioning based on relevant, accurate, timely and actionable data surfacing from underlying case manifests.  
  • Make sense of complex ownership structures with entity structure builds and UBO or PSC reveals, at the click of a button. 

Dive deep into your clients' compliance position and truly understand your clients. It's UYC for compliance pros.


You make the call.



Global individuals / international KYC

Australia, New Zealand and UK only



Non individuals / KYB




Verification configuration - unique per case, entity or individual




KYC record keeping access

7 days

5 years from the time the Customer ceases their business relationship

As long as necessary or as required by applicable law, whichever is longer


Company structure chart auto build




UBO auto-reveal




Risk-based AML recommendations




Auto alerts for monitoring and identification expiry


PEP and sanctions only


Audit trail auto-build


Centralised record keeping only

Centralised document management only

One platform for CDD, eIDV, KYB, data sources, risk assessments, PEP, sanctions and adverse media checks, ongoing monitoring and more

eIDV, data sources.

CDD, PEP and sanctions, ongoing monitoring.

CDD, eIDV, training obligations, transaction monitoring, document-keeping and staff vetting.

It's not even a decision.

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