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Millions of clients are verified faster through 1000s of companies with First AML.

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The only platform you need to run world-class onboarding.

We've merged your AML, KYC and KYB tools into one platform.


Verify individuals and entities globally. Source by First AML automatically scans:

  • 1,100+ real-time PEPs and Sanctions lists across the globe.
  • 250+ registries and hundreds of reliable and independent sources.
  • Hundreds of reliable and independent sources e.g. government ID databases, credit and consumer bureaus etc.
  • Automatic integration of IDV results added directly to Source.

  • Intelligent workflows to automatically address eIDV fails.

Individual verifications KYB verifications 

AML Risk Assessment

Orchestration, workflows and automation

We spent five years conducting KYC and KYB for clients. This unparalleled depth of domain expertise has been poured into Source, to give an unprecedented user experience. You'll come for the features, but stay for the workflow. 

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A single source to tell the story

Centralise all relevant customer information in one place and understand it at a glance.  

  • Consolidate all CDD data, entities, requirements and actions in one area, the Manifest. Stop jumping between systems.
  • Achieve quicker decisioning based on relevant, accurate, timely and actionable data surfacing from underlying case manifests.  
  • Make sense of complex ownership structures with entity structure builds and UBO or PSC reveals, at the click of a button. 

Dive deep into your clients' compliance position and truly understand your clients. It's UYC for compliance pros.


The most complete AML data set across the globe. 

We've integrated with thousands of data points across the globe so you don't have to. Our data enrichment network allows better pass rates first time. 


countries for individual ID


corporate registries


screening lists scanned daily


verified entities

AML and KYC obligations are shared.

Work collaboratively, together with First AML.

Sick of multiple tools?

Do it all in Source, the First AML platform.

Reduce risk and save time with the most complete all-in-one AML platform.

First AML

See why customers love using Source, the First AML platform.

“We like working with First AML because they’re transparent on what the product does. It's important to show the regulator you understand what your AML software is doing for you and the source of where the data is coming from.”


corporate registries


verified entities


client pass rate

"We first heard about First AML through one of our investments. We have gone on to conduct hundreds of KYC and AML checks with First AML on both our investors and investments. It's amazing!"


faster onboarding

18 hours

saved per month


compliance confidence 

"What I love about the First AML platform is how easy it is to use - the intuitive UI makes it very user-friendly."

One of the most recognised and trusted AML platforms in the world.

First AML's multi-award-winning AML platform, Source, has been recognised across the globe. 

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