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Source of Funds

Get the data, answers and evidence you need in moments with bank information, questionnaires, fact finds and analysis. Our integration with Armalytix enables compliance teams to gather the information you need effortlessly, without any app or software to download.

  • Centrally request additional documentation,
  • Highlight high-risk cases including money from overseas and cash transactions
  • Risk insights to make it simpler for you to spot the clients you should not be dealing with.

  • Dedicated Giftor Journeys

  • Make notes on decision-making and reasoning,
  • Provide a comprehensive audit trail, all in one place

Source of Wealth

The Manifest guides compliance teams on what to ask for, leaving more time to assess how the customer generated their wealth, if it was obtained through legitimate means and if any other beneficial owners should be considered.

Automated communications enable customers to upload appropriate evidence, such as audited company accounts or sale and purchase agreements via a secure web form, which are automatically linked to the case.

One place to tell the story
Centralise all the relevant customer information in one place and at a glance.
For complex entities too

Complex trust structures with multiple intermediary ownership layers and multiple jurisdictions are also easily handled.

Need to know basis

User-based access provides peace-of-mind that highly sensitive SoW and SoF data is only seen by those who need to.

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