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Identity Verification (IDV)

Experience one-click verifications.

It's just so easy. IDV results attach directly to the correct contacts and cases and if a verification doesn't pass, intelligent workflows step in, notifying clients and requesting the necessary information for completion.
You choose KYC verification settings accessed via global data sources, including 1,100+ real-time PEPs and Sanctions lists worldwide, 300+ corporate registries spanning 100 countries, and numerous reliable government ID databases and credit bureaus.

Identity Verification (IDV)

Public API

No to double data entry. Yes to efficient and real-time compliance.

Choose how you use the public API:

  • Create a case.
  • Automate marking case complete where it meets certain criteria,
  • Develop integrations to automate processes
  • Synchronise risk assessment results to remove the need for double-entry across systems.

Public API

KYC and KYB publications for commercial and residential real estate.

43% of property professionals ignore rising threat of money laundering fines

How will the Register of Overseas Entities changes affect your AML process?

From 1 August 2022, the introduction of the Register of Overseas Entities means that your AML verification process for overseas entities will change.

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Londongrad: how the City became a money-laundering haven

Since the dawn of Russia’s war with Ukraine, scrutiny has intensified on illicit financial activity conducted in the UK.

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5 ways criminals launder money through real estate

Large sums of money, complex transactions, little oversight  – it makes the perfect conditions for money laundering.

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8 common struggles with Source of Wealth & Source of Funds

Source of Wealth and Source of Funds are often used interchangeably but they don't mean the same thing. Find out the key differences and impacts.

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Specialist AML for your most common clients.

KYC for private wealth.

Are your High Net Worth Individuals and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals on a PEP or sanction list? And where did their money really come from?

We have years of experience working with privately wealthy people and will help you cut through pre-made AML packs, tax-efficient structures located in tax havens, all while keeping them happy.

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KYC for overseas investors.

Ensure your overseas investor clients can quickly and easily make investments while meeting AML requirements.

Tax haven countries, foreign languages and family office are all easily managed with First AML.

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First AML is easy to use and saves me so much time, so I can focus on getting more listings.
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First AML has taken a great weight off our shoulders – especially for those harder cases like trusts and companies.
Sarah Gibbons Lowe & Co
Our salespersons like the ease of use of First AML, ensuring that the listing and sale process can commence with minimum delay.
Euon Murrell Tommy's

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