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Reduced time-to-decision

Make fast and robust decisions with Source's centralisation of relevant and timely information about every case, entity and individual, all at your fingertips.

Integrated data feeds

Spend more time analysing and less time between point solutions with disparate data feeds. Source integrates multiple data feeds and tools into one platform, supporting extraordinary focus and cost savings. 

Customisation and configuration

Adapt Source by First AML to your organisation's unique AML processes and requirements, through the customisation and configuration of rules, alerts, risk assessments, customer communications, user access and more.

Automation and efficiency

Manage by exception with Source's automated alerts and reminders for issues such as PEPs or sanctions list inclusions and upcoming identification expiries.  

Enable all of your team to know relevant next steps with intelligent decision support per case and task priorities.

Reporting and audit trails

Source offers robust options to generate required AML compliance reports required by regulatory authorities, senior management, and auditors.

When audit time comes, a few simple clicks allows auditors to review cases including timestamps, decisioning, annotations, associated risk assessments and more.

Case management and collaboration

Create, update, assign, track and document KYC cases in Source's Manifest ensuring accountability and compliance without impacting revenue generating activities.


Streamline onboarding with seamless AML integrations

Automate due diligence with First AML's API and embedded solutions.

Embedded eIDV

Integrate identity verification into your onboarding flow:

  • Embed eIDV directly into your signup process to minimise onboarding drop-offs
  • Keep new users engaged by leveraging First AML verification seamlessly
  • Accelerate time to completion by enabling straight-through processing from signup to verification

Streamline workflows with the First AML API

  • Automate case creation from your CRM or practice management system without separate manual data entry
  • Build customised experiences for your compliance team leveraging First AML's platform
  • Reduce context switching by accessing functionality within your preferred platform
Training and user adoption

Source's intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures quick time to value, while online and in person training supports your team to best use the platform.

Regulatory alignment

Source is kept up to date with the latest AML requirements in your jurisdiction. So you can worry less about doing what's right.

Adaptive rule-based verifications

Source offers adaptive rule-based verifications, triggering relevant due diligence checks based on specific customer risk levels.

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