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A smarter way to meet Tranche 2 reforms in your legal practice.

Meet compliance obligations, reduce administrative burden and streamline onboarding for both clients and your team.

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Millions of clients are verified faster through 1000s of companies with First AML.

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Integrity, ease and on-charging.

You've built your firm's reputation on more than just legal work. First AML is the compliance partner that helps you meet your obligations while delivering a great onboarding experience for your clients.

Plus, we can show you how to seamlessly on-charge AML costs to them.

Exceptionally easy

First AML provides an exceptionally easy way to complete your KYC / KYB requirements. For your team it offers intuitive, easy to use request and approval functionality. While for your clients it provides a superior customer experience, leaving them feeling positive about your firm and the process.

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AML risk assessments

The foundation of your AML programme.

Risk assessments are the game plan for managing your firm's unique risks against fraud and money laundering. So don't use spreadsheets - they're manual and take too long.

Source's in-built risk assessments embed customised digital risk assessments directly into your compliance programme and automatically match assessments with clients.
Source sets a new standard in risk management with its comprehensive audit logs, transparent risk decisions, customisable risk models and trigger actions based on risk levels.

AML risk assessments


It’s your AML command centre.

Easily manage all AML requirements from Manifest. Manifest is your AML task list. Its intelligent suggestions and automated workflows provide step-by-step guidance on:

  • Collecting the right information and documents from your clients
  • Requesting eIDV (verification)
  • Handling additional requirements and requests
  • Updating clients.


  • Automatically downloads company data from ASIC
  • Sends automated reminders to clients to complete tasks (reducing your follow-up time)
  • Centralises email communication with clients
  • Display your case progress in an overview dashboard so you don't miss anything.


Integrates with your PMS.


First AML integrates with Actionstep utilising a low code, Power Automate integration from Verlata. This integration offers high levels of customisation allowing you to make it your own and fit your practice’s unique workflows.

The First AML and Actionstep integration ensures a seamless onboarding with no double handling.

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Elite 3E

First AML integrates with 3E utilising the native 3E API. This integration offers the perfect blend of flexibility, resilience, and speed, helping you focus on what matters most, serving your clients.

Capture all your client, matter and related party information through a Microsoft Power App which is embedded into the 3E dashboard.

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Leading law firms choose First AML.

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"First AML is extremely easy to use. Great support from the team too!"

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"I really appreciate how efficient and easy-to-use the First AML platform is."

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"First AML has provided the discipline that we needed to get our policies and procedures for AML in place."

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AML Tranche 2 resources for law firms.

PR stunt Sydney - dirty money

Part 1: Money Laundering 101

Find out what is money laundering, how it’s done, the significant cost to the Australian economy and how it affects individuals, businesses, industries, economies, and the world at large. 

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Part 2: The Global Landscape Of AML And Why It’s Coming To Australia.

Come take a deep dive into the global landscape of AML and understand the human impact of why it’s coming to Australia.

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Woman lawyer staring out a window deeply thinking about upcoming legislative changes

Part 3: AML And Legal Professional Privilege (LPP)

A big part of the Law Council of Australia (LCA) submission on the proposed AML legislation centred on LPP. Here we offer alternative perspectives based on global precedence.

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Part 4: Staying Compliant. Setting Up A Robust AML Programme For Your Law Firm.

Using Tranche 1 legislation as a guide, take a look at what it will likely mean for creating an AML programme at a law firm.

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Pixelated Australian Money

Part 5. Money Laundering Red Flags In The Legal Sector

In this piece, we highlight some of the red flags that signal potential money laundering and share real life examples.

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