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Screening only

(PEPs, sanctions and adverse media)

Automate client screening against more than 1,100 real-time PEPs and Sanctions lists across the globe. Scan and flag possible matches in seconds with fuzzy logic keeping false positives to a minimum. 

Daily background monitoring serves up exception-based reports of new inclusions direct to your inbox, removing white noise while keeping you compliant.

KYC (name, date of birth, address)

Quickly and discretely verify your client's identity using information already on file; name, date of birth and address.

Industry leading pass rates combine with PEPs, sanction and adverse media screening to smooth the onboarding process while being compliant.

KYC + ID (Government grade)

For medium-risk clients, use First AML's user-friendly EIV secure web form to verify their identification.

  • The form guides users through a simple process, capturing personal details and government-issued ID scans. Automated, AI-driven analysis classifies documents in milliseconds and supports over 2,500 documents in 195 countries.
  • Upon submission the information and document scan is securely logged against the originating case, without emails or the related risk of exposing PII.
  • The platform then automatically conducts checks on PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media, presenting the results in the Manifest ready for review.
KYC Verification Settings

KYC + ID anti-tampering

Same as KYC + ID (Government issued), but this next level of verification uses a broad range of fraud detection signals to ensure the identity documents are exactly as they appear.

Device intelligence, geolocation and repeat fraud detection signals work in the background to detect fraud without impacting user experience or turnaround times.

KYC + ID anti-tampering + biometrics

The most comprehensive type of verification adds a layer of protection against stolen IDs and impersonation attacks. 

In addition to the other layers of security, users take a simple selfie, via the secure web-form, and are guided through the process with real-time feedback.

AI analyses the selfie against the supplied photo ID and passive liveness checks run to protect against digital spoofs e.g. photos of photos, screens, or photocopies.

Structured guidance
In-built logic suggests tailored next steps for each case. No more unstructured processes.
Holistic visibility

Visual indicators give at-a-glance status. No more wondering if your client has responded or provided information.

Seamless coordination

Assign actions with context to align teams. Automate your email requests asking for information or documentation. No more misaligned stakeholders..

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