KYB Inspect

Lightning-fast due diligence with automated entity analysis.

Rapidly unravel complex entity and visualise ownership structures with a click.

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Streamline your KYB workflow.

Obtain shareholder data instantly

Unwrap corporate registry information with a single click. Retrieve and map verified shareholder data directly into your entity structures effortlessly.

Understand entity relationships clearly

Visualise entities, owners and connections. Make sense of complex ownership structure clearly, even across jurisdictions. Easily trace the path from the company you engage with to its ultimate beneficial owner.

Identify UBOs and risk faster

Focus efforts on entities and UBOs that need to be verified and those with the highest risk. Analyse your KYB information and unravel obscure ownership trails to spot where you need further scrutiny.

Maintain an audit trail effortlessly

Capture source documents like registry extracts and create a permanent due diligence record for auditors.

One place to build your ownership structure
Integrate registry lookups directly into your workflow. Retrieve and map shareholder data from hundreds of jurisdictions through a single seamless interface. No more manual research across disparate sources.
Always up-to-date information

Registry integrations ensure you are analysing using the latest ownership information when you inspect. No more outdated information.

Easy to analyse at scale

Conduct efficient analysis at scale across large numbers of entities. Automation and visualisation streamline your KYC processes.

Security and privacy

Compliance and auditing

First AML is audited every twelve months by the British Standards Institute as part of our ISO27001:2013 certification requirements. First AML complies with relevant privacy legislation within the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australian, and European countries (GDPR).

Data security

All data transmitted and stored via the First AML platform is encrypted both in transit and at rest using the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt data.

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