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Save time and cost, and protect your company's reputation with a centralised and accurate KYC/B information system.

Risk-based approach, not just box ticking.

Source is your gateway to a transformed compliance programme.

It digitises and centralises your risk-based approach, bidding farewell to spreadsheets and inconsistencies.

With a focus beyond mere compliance, Source empowers you to enhance your risk posture. Build risk assessments with precision, guided by a flexible framework aligned with your policies. Benefit from automated ongoing compliance, effortlessly manage your compliance operations, and enhance your risk management capabilities. Enjoy holistic visibility and robust security.

Risk-based approach

Elevate your KYC Workflow

Source by First AML redefines KYC with a streamlined, efficient, and customisable approach.

  • Integrated data feeds simplify data management
  • Customisation options adapt Source to your unique AML processes
  • Centralised, timely and relevant information reduces time-to-decision
  • Auto alerts and reminders allow management by exception
  • Audit trails are auto-built with every action
  • Adaptive rule-based verifications trigger relevant due diligence checks based on specific customer risk levels.


KYC Publications for Financial Institutions

First AML has removed friction and materially decreased verification delays from our customer due diligence process.
Greg Starr MinterEllisonRuddWatts
With First AML the onboarding experience is effortless.
Belinda Sinopoli Certane
First AML offers outsized operational impact and we've never had a customer complaint.
Matt Gunn Icehouse Ventures

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