Teal Compliance

Compliance that works.

And keeps your law firm, your colleagues, and your clients safe.

Teal Compliance is the go-to provider for all compliance matters including AML, regulatory issues and GDPR.

Teal also provides law firms with the market leading The ‘Teal Tracker’ which allows them to track all key compliance records, maintain confidentiality and easily identify issues and trends along with ensuring you can demonstrate high competency to regulators.

Teal Tracker also includes the ‘Teal Library’ and ‘Teal College’ which gives firms 24/7 access to a whole host of resources including key training modules and recorded webinars.

Compliance for great service

For Teal, compliance is a framework to assist delivery of great service to clients whilst protecting their firm. It is built on the six key cogs of;

  • Culture
  • Consistency
  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Capacity
  • Clarity

Teal's role is to consult on risks to business, staff and clients. They explain what needs to be in place to protect them and check if it's working. They ensure firms don’t suffer any loss of productivity, loss of fees, or incur penalties and fines. Teal care about making sure business, staff and clients are all protected and have complete peace of mind.