Identity Verification (IDV)

Verify identities anywhere, any time.

Simple and straightforward.

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One-click verifications.

Electronic identity verification (eIDV)

Source by First AML provides a quick and easy way to establish the identity of your customers digitally - whether through a computer or a mobile device.

Prefer to work on your own platform? Embed the eIDV directly into your signup process to minimise onboarding drop-offs.

Biometric verification

Three simple steps verify that the person you're onboarding is the person in their ID document. OCR technology translates the physical identity document to a digital format and the user does the rest.

  1. Users take a selfie, being guided through the process with real-time feedback.
  2. AI analyses the selfie against the supplied photo ID.
  3. The user completes simple liveness checks, protecting against digital spoofs.

Pass or fail in seconds.

Millions of clients are verified faster through 1000s of companies with First AML.

Blackbird VC
Gibson Sheat Lawyers
Grant Thornton
Flude Property Consultants

Efficient case management 

Save significant time with the automatic integration of IDV results added directly to the correct contact, within the correct case that sits in the Manifest.

If it's a fail, intelligent workflows automatically kick off, flagging the result and sending custom communications to the client requesting additional information to complete the verification process.

Data sources

Verify individuals and entities globally. Source by First AML automatically scans:

  • 1,100+ real-time PEPs and Sanctions lists across the globe
  • 300+ corporate registries across 100 countries
  • Hundreds of reliable and independent sources e.g. government ID databases, credit and consumer bureaus etc.
Always up-to-date information
Registry integrations ensure you are analysing using the latest ownership information when you inspect. No more outdated information.
Comprehensive audit trails
Capture complete record of requirements, sources, actions and approvals. Say goodbye to weak audit trails.
Easy to analyse at scale
Conduct efficient analysis at scale across large numbers of entities. Automation and visualisation streamline your KYC processes.

Do it once, do it right.

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