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It's never been easier to build and extract an audit trail.

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Automate the audit

Source by First AML automatically builds an audit trail as you go. Risk assessments, time stamps, exceptions, decision trails, audit logs... all available, all the time, all in one place.

All audit information is automatically collated and associated to the relevant entity, individual or case for full visibility of every KYC engagement.

For auditor eyes only

Add auditors as 'read-only' users, allowing them restricted self-service to select random case batches for review.

Source's centralised design allows auditors to find what they need in a few clicks while ensuring customer privacy rights. Once completed, remove the auditor's access keeping data integrity and cyber security in tact.

Audit trail of risk decisions
Equip staff to make risk-aware choices by sharing assessment data, and store it all for future reference.
Unified case management
Consolidate all CDD data, entities, requirements and actions in one hub. No more disjointed workflows.

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