Addressing non standard KYC/B cases. 

International client? Tax haven domicile? Trust, company, not-for-profit? You need First AML.

Complex cases or international UBOs?
You need Source by First AML.

Anyone can do AML for individuals. Some can even do AML for complex entities. But only First AML can do KYB accurately and fast.

Millions of clients are verified faster through 1000s of companies with First AML.

Blackbird VC
Gibson Sheat Lawyers
Grant Thornton
Flude Property Consultants

Publications on complex and international KYC/B.

70% of accountants and lawyers have money laundering fears over Russian dark funds

70% of accountants and lawyers are more concerned about money laundering since Russian events and sanctions began, with 75% moving anti-money laundering (AML) up the company agenda in the past year.

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4 ways to meet AML requirements without the pain

AML pain usually falls into two camps - cost and clarity. We’ve collated some of our best local advice to help you have a less painful compliance journey.

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Your Complete Guide to Setting Up a Successful AML Compliance Programme

This guide breaks down the steps your business needs to take when setting up a successful compliance programme. Here’s what you need to get in place for upcoming AML changes. 

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Tax Havens: the wealthy, the bad and the ugly

What's an MLRO to do when a client has a complex or opaque structure, with multiple layers of ownership and shareholdings in a tax haven country?

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8 Common Struggles with Source of Funds & Source of Wealth

We’ve put together a list of common issues that compliance teams often have with SoF and SoW, and how you can avoid or resolve them.

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