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Millions of clients are verified faster through 1000s of companies with First AML.

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Right sized compliance without impacting sales.

Time is money and in real estate it's even more true. Tranche 2 reforms could slow you down if not done properly.  Using Source by First AML will ensure you:

  • Avoid delays or interruptions in the agent/client interactions and sales cycle.
  • Minimise cumbersome admin that distract agents from revenue-generating tasks like property showings and negotiations.
  • Require only minimal training or process changes that limit impact on the efficiency of day-to-day real estate operations.
  • Avoid high or hidden costs that make transactions more difficult to execute.

Met in person IDV

Easy identity verification (IDV) for everyone.

Complete KYC on the spot and get the deals signed faster. Source's Met In Person feature allows agents to scan IDs on their mobile for immediate verification. For remote clients, a secure webform eIDV can complete KYC from anywhere at any time.

Met in person is a dream for compliance teams as all information is automatically ingested into Source and assigned to the correct case file. Missing data is flagged for automated follow-up via tailored workflows, ensuring full AML compliance with complete convenience.


It’s your AML command centre.

Easily manage all AML requirements from Manifest. Manifest is your AML task list. Its intelligent suggestions and automated workflows provide step-by-step guidance on:

  • Collecting the right information and documents from your clients
  • Requesting eIDV (verification)
  • Handling additional requirements and requests
  • Updating clients.


  • Automatically downloads company data from ASIC
  • Sends automated reminders to clients to complete tasks (reducing your follow-up time)
  • Centralises email communication with clients
  • Display your case progress in an overview dashboard so you don't miss anything.


Source of Funds and Source of Wealth

Verify the money trail, keep clients happy and get to revenue sooner.

Tranche 2 reforms require supporting documents like (source for funds for individual transactions, and source of wealth for general onboarding) to be proven for large transactions or those deemed high risk.

With Source by First AML, unravelling complex financial transactions is what it does best.

The Manifest serves as your guide. It simplifies information requests (freeing time to dive deep into how customers amassed their wealth), verifies its legitimacy, and identifies potential additional beneficial owners.

Automated communications empower customers to discretely and securely submit documents, while centralised document requests, secure data storage and decision notes auto-build a comprehensive audit trail. 

Source of funds and source of wealth

Don't be fooled by multiple tools.

Do it all in Source, the First AML platform.

Point solutions cost little individually, but add up to bill shock. Do it right from the start with an all-in-one AML platform.

First AML

Publications for real estate firms.

Specialist AML for your most valuable clients.

KYC for private wealth.

Are your High Net Worth Individuals and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals on a PEP or sanction list? And where did their money really come from?

We have years of experience working with privately wealthy people and will help you cut through pre-made AML packs, tax-efficient structures located in tax havens, all while keeping them happy.

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KYC for overseas investors.

Ensure your overseas investor clients can quickly and easily make investments while meeting AML requirements.

Tax haven countries, foreign languages and family office are all easily managed with First AML.

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Customers love First AML.

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"First AML is easy to use and saves me so much time, so I can focus on getting more listings. "

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"First AML has taken a great weight off our shoulders – especially for those harder cases like trusts and companies."

Sarah Gibbons
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"Our salespersons like the ease of use of First AML, ensuring that the listing and sale process can commence with minimum delay."

Euon Murrell
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