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Continuous monitoring

PEP, sanctions and adverse media

Protect your company from potential reputational and financial damage

Unlike other EIV providers, First AML provides perpetual storage, enabling ongoing PEP, sanction and adverse media screening for fast business, now and in the future. Exception-based reporting for new inclusions, removes white noise while keeping you compliant.

UBO updates

Ongoing monitoring is more than just PEPs, sanctions and adverse media. First AML supports the automatic identification of significant UBOs changes, triggering smart workflows to alert your compliance team and and EIV process.

Intelligent reports

From a bird's eye and right down to the detail, First AML provides intelligent insight. For individuals you can see databases checked, pass or fail results and then drill down for full details.

While at an oversight level you can answer meaningful questions such as, how many cases you've logged exceptions against or risk factors at a glance, or even where the riskiest onboarding is happening within your business.

More on reporting

Trusted by local and global companies

Audit-ready, all-the-time.

Flexibility, control and transparency; all you need to power through audits.

No manual tasks

Unlike other platforms that require downloading documents or the AML team collating information manually, with First AML you can simply pull batches of sample cases or run requested reports; no manual tasks required.

Perpetual storage, five years to forever

First AML storage is forever. Documents, decisions and verifications are always available meaning no more fragmented record keeping, bad experiences, repetition frustration or audit failures.

Auditor-only access

Auditors can be added as 'read-only' users and removed as soon as they have completed their job. Keeping data integrity and cyber security in tact the entire time.

Audit reports

Auditor-friendly functionality allows restricted self-service to select random case batches for review, no matter what type they're looking for, e.g. risk or due diligence.

Here’s why our clients love First AML.

What I like about First AML is that it makes it easy and painless for our customers.
Lisle Clements Grant Thornton
First AML offers outsized operational impact and we've never had a customer complaint.
Matt Gunn Icehouse Ventures
First AML has removed friction and materially decreased verification delays from our customer due diligence process.
Greg Starr MinterEllisonRuddWatts

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