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Security, usability, and flexibility.

Use cases and functions

  • Create a case.
  • Automate marking case complete where it meets certain criteria,
  • Develop integrations to automate the creation of draft cases with one or more property agents assigned, allowing  completion via met in person. 
  • Synchronising risk assessment results to remove the need for double-entry across systems.

Notify registered "listeners" that a case has changed status (e.g. all data has been collected and verified, and the case has been approved, and marked as Complete).


Retrieve details from a case, including verification details for entities and individuals on the case.

Technology choices

The Source API is built using secure, modern cloud technology:

  • Authentication via OAuth2 flow.
  • GraphQL for querying and updating the data.
  • TLS 1.1+ for encrypting data between the client and server.

Data privacy and compliance

The Source API complies with data privacy regulations such any other relevant laws in jurisdiction.
Data is anonymised, encryption, and data retention policies also protect sensitive customer information.

Data privacy and security posture 

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