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Millions of clients are verified faster through 1000s of companies with First AML.

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"We had a big fund with about 200 investors, and we had to run a full AML check on every single one of them. Without having implemented the process and relationship with First AML it would have been a disaster trying to navigate all of those internally."

Dan Danilov, Operations Manager, Blackbird VC

There's a reason so many firms choose First AML.

Low touch, fast, scalable and secure.

Grow the bottom line and keep your investors happy.

Save time, protect your company's reputation and deliver excellent customer experiences with a highly automated and expansive KYC/B information system.

Elevate your KYC Workflow

Source by First AML redefines KYC with a streamlined, efficient, and customisable approach.

  • Integrated data feeds simplify data management
  • Customisation options adapt Source to your unique AML processes
  • Centralised, timely and relevant information reduces time-to-decision
  • Auto alerts and reminders allow management by exception
  • Audit trails are auto-built with every action
  • Adaptive rule-based verifications trigger relevant due diligence checks based on specific customer risk levels.



It’s your AML command centre.

Streamline workflows and empower users with intelligent prompts and automated processes. The Manifest serves as a centralised hub for effortless case management, providing clarity on CDD data, requirements, actions, and progress.
Simplify KYC fulfilment through automated reminders, IDV requests, verifications, email communication with clients, in-built logic and visual indicators for holistic understanding.


Compliance config and customisation

Source by First AML, puts customisation at the forefront. From customised risk assessments that align precisely with your risk appetite, to setting identification verification levels, from monitoring ongoing changes to incorporating your logo, colours and brand voice, Source offers it all.

Configuration and customisation

Onboard clients faster than ever before.