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Our mission is to reduce the administrative burden of CDD/KYC on you and your customers
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Satisfaction is paramount.

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individuals completing their verification within 2 minutes

"First AML made my life so much easier by allowing me to complete my piece of the verification process while I was on the move"

Mike Reynolds from Tauranga
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Lisle Clements, Grant Thornton

Customer Testimonial

"One thing I have really appreciated with First AML is how responsive they have been to our requests. I am looking forward to starting to see occasions where our clients don’t have to redo CDD and they’re able to draw on the database."

You’re in good company.

We’re helping both businesses and individuals across a wide range of industries

We understand the importance of guarding your client relationships and maintaining your trusted brand. First AML ensures that you comply with all AML requirements, without spending your billable hours in the process.

AML for Law Firms

Get AML compliance sorted swiftly and efficiently with us. We know the importance of getting on with business in the real estate sector, so we take the pain away from you with our efficient and cost effective AML software solution.

AML for Real Estate Agents

With increasing compliance requirements, you can trust that your customer onboarding and AML compliance is done right.

AML for Financial Service

Getting AML compliance sorted in a cost effective and timely manner means that you can use your billable hours to do what you do best – perform business advisory for your clients. You can trust us to do things right.

AML for Accountants

Our software solution means that you can get AML verified with a business, anywhere. Get onboarded from anywhere in the world in just a few short steps, taking away the pain of paperwork.

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A Day In The Life: Bion Behdin

Meet Bion Behdin. Co founder and Chief Revenue Officer of First AML.

Is it best to keep CDD in-house?

Considerations for Firms considering appointing an Agent.