How it works

Request, approve, done. Easy.

Request, approve, done. Easy.

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Four simple steps to compliance

Quicker, easier and more accurate than you think


Submit an AML / CDD request via the First AML platform. It can be as simple as an email address and the case name.


Our team of local analysts review the complex cases, define the structure and identify related entities.


We complete the verification process quickly, securely, accurately and easily. Using a combination of biometric EIV tools and expert analysts.


You receive, consider and approve the results. We add the verified entity to our ever-growing network for quick and easy future approvals.

Trusted by global and local brands

Ticks every box.

All the features you’d expect

EIV (Electronic Identity Verification)

Our online ID verification system can be completed by individuals anywhere in the world on their smart devices.

Make it simple

AML compliance can be a long and complex process for your business. We take the pain away by providing you with a AML software solution that completes the full CDD process and risk assessment for you, leaving you with more time to spend delivering better services, improving profits and making the world a better place.

Join the network - verify once, and once only.

First AML’s network of hundreds of thousands of pre-verified  entities means your clients are saved from unnecessary repetitive verifications. 

We also service the ongoing verifications, supporting your business to meet continual CDD monitoring obligations easily, quickly and cost effectively.

No time for a long demo? No problem.

See what First AML can do for your business in 2 minutes.