Quick time to revenue

Customer onboarding.


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Automatic onboarding. Less chance to churn.

Entity exploration.

Entity structure analysis

Visualise entity structures and identify ultimate beneficial owners, no matter the depth of the entity.

  • Real-time information from a global network of primary source company data of over 200+ corporate registries
  • Data sources of 120 million+ entities
  • Coverage from over 100 countries
  • Information is cross checked before moving for your review and approval.

UBO exposure

Unwrap complex, international structures that hide UBOs, without compromising service or speed to revenue.

 First AML supports the identification of UBOs through a unique combination of:

  • Entity structure visualisations
  • Current and relevant international data sources
  • Optimised AML workflows and waterfall triggers
  • AI-driven biometric EIV
  • Our pre-verified, complex entity ecosystem

Trusted by local and global companies

Smart workflows

Live track - real time case progression

Create, track and collaborate on AML cases in real-time, so you know exactly where they're at.

Request a case and the First AML workflow engine kicks off a smart task list, specifying what needs to be collected from the customer, verified or retrieved from our AML ecosystem. As each task is completed the activity log is automatically updated, giving real-time visibility into case status and making you audit-ready, all the time. 

Multi-factor biometric EIV

Onboard individuals with confidence. Anywhere, anytime.

Conduct realtime KYC and KYB. First AML multi-factor biometric EIV uses AI and smart automation to conduct:

  • User impersonation / spoofing / liveness checks
  • Proof of verification.
  • Data extraction from  documents using OCR.

Here’s why our clients love First AML.

First AML offers outsized operational impact and we've never had a customer complaint.
Matt Gunn Icehouse Ventures
What I like about First AML is that it makes it easy and painless for our customers.
Lisle Clements Grant Thornton
First AML's simplicity and ease of use has streamlined and simplified the AML process, resulting in faster client onboarding.
Hamish Baker Baker Accounting

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