3 ways leading accountants are winning at compliance

06 June, 2022

It takes a long-term strategy, the right people, and efficient and accurate processes to get compliance right.

Here are 3 things leading accountants are doing consistently to win in the long run.

1. Avoid the talent war

Successful accountants understand the cost of hiring, which goes beyond salary or hourly wages.

The less obvious costs in taking on a new employee include recruitment fees, pay bonuses and rises, equipment, tools and office space, training and development costs, and ACC levies, KiwiSaver contributions and Fringe Benefit Tax. All that in addition to possible salary wars in order to remain competitive in the employment market.

These knowledge informs their cost versus benefit analysis, resulting in many choosing to outsource the AML process to minimise risk. 

2. Best practice

Winning at compliance is more than knowing how to do compliance right. It’s also about doing it well.

A big part of doing compliance well is to stay on top of the latest changes in AML/CFT regulations, processes and technology available to you that can help you do AML/CDD more efficiently and accurately.

Forward-thinkers know that compliance is nuanced and ever-changing, so to keep up with best practice, leading accountants rely on industry advisors and experts to apply AML best practice, prepare for audits, while minimising their cost and risk.

3. Compliance-ready

Strategic thinkers know the burden of AML legislation lies in the admin.

It can take days and weeks to collect required documents (e.g. beneficial owner ID evidence), map the structure of a trust or a company, and check against PEPs and sanctions lists.

The best accountants know to outsource the admin, not the risk assessment. Leaving their team to focus on billable hours and making better, more informed decisions, while being compliant.

It’s a win-win situation.


About First AML

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