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Looking for a better way to manage people’s identity in an increasingly digital world. Our data security processes are designed in accordance with ISO27001 standards.

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Working to create a better identity solution for tomorrow

data security

Data Security

All data sent to our server from our platform is done so using the encrypted protocol HTTPS. We regularly review our cypher suites to ensure they keep up with industry standards. Once in our platform, data is stored encrypted at rest using regularly rotated encryption keys.

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Physical Security

Our platform is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world's leading cloud provider. They have some of the most secure facilities in the world. Our encryption policies ensure no one can ever get to your data, even if they have access to the underlying infrastructure.



At First AML we deal with our user's most important and private information: their identity. Your data can only ever be accessed by those who need to see it to complete verification checks. We ensure as few people as possible have access to your data.


Security is a core value of our company. All of our staff regularly undergo security awareness training and understand the importance of protecting you and your customers data.

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Working with cyber security professionals

We engage with third-party information security specialists who conduct penetration testing and architectural reviews of our platform on a regular basis. This ensures we keep up with industry best practices around security, and gives your data the best protection possible.

Interconnected Customer Due Diligence

We put your customer in control of their own data as they enter our verified ID ecosystem.

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