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KYC for travel agents and tour operators.

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Identity verification for corporate travel clients and individuals 

Verify identities anywhere, any time. Whether your customers are international tour groups (KYB) or local travellers (KYC), Source by First AML provides flexibility and scalability to meet your unique risk appetite and needs. 

  • Embed the identity verification (IDV) process into your other processes making it easy to conduct KYC whether taking a booking online, in person or over the phone. 
  • Adaptive, rule-based verifications, triggering relevant due diligence checks based on specific customer risk levels. 
  • AI-driven biometric verification for face match and liveness 

Once you have all this information you can make well informed decisions whether to accept bookings or provide travel and tour services.

Identity verification IDV

AML Risk Assessment

Risk assessments for tour operators and travel agents

Tour operators often deal with large sums of money related to travel bookings, including flight tickets, accommodation, and other travel services. With Source by First AML conduct KYC risk assessments quickly and easily helping you assess individual customer risk and know how to address them.

  • Configure risk assessments that address risk areas such as geography or transaction type.
  • Understand client risk at a glance.
  • Automatically score customer risk levels that guide your front line team approach.
  • Log risk assessment answers, as well as notes and changes for every customer.

Risk assessments

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Key reading for tour operators and travel agents.

More than box ticking

Prevent fraud

Tour operators and travel agents handle, often very large, sums of money on behalf of customers for travel services. This exposes you to being used to unwittingly launder money. KYC helps in verifying the identity of the person making the payment, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions or credit card fraud.

Meet international AML requirements

As a tour operator or travel agent, if you offer international travel packages, you may need to comply with international AML and CTF regulations, which often include KYC procedures to mitigate the risk of facilitating illegal activities across borders.

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