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We understand the importance of guarding your client relationships and maintaining your trusted brand.

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Ensure the clients for your law firm are following the correct AML guidelines

Law firms in New Zealand are required to complete CDD under the AML/CFT Act. As a lawyer, you understand the knowledge and time required when working with the customer due diligence. By outsourcing your CDD requirements to First AML, you will notice a positive shift with your staff and the internal processes, by freeing up more time to focus on value added activities.

We exist to remove the complexity from the CDD/KYC process


Request new cases in seconds

Get new CDD/KYC cases underway immediately to ensure no delay on starting your client engagement.

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Live progress tracking

Keep track of who has completed their ID verification.

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Approval & exception monitoring

We do the heavy lifting while you focus on making the final approval decisions and track any judgement calls you make.


Accuracy & Reporting

All of your CDD/KYC records stored neatly in one place making management and audit reporting simple.

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Nurturing your customer

Using digital solutions to ensure your customers have a market leading and simple on-boarding experience.

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Verified Database

Verified Database ID verification data for individuals, companies, and trusts. Access information with a simple consent.

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“Being able to outsource our AML compliance requirements, means our staff are not bogged down making everyone happy.”

Mike Kemps, Kemps Weir

Competitive Compliance

Compliance obligations have increased and will continue to do so.

CDD Outsourcing: Is it really best kept in-house?

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