First AML Lite

First AML Lite

Individual verification at scale.

Combining the power of AI with automated workflows, First AML Lite provides effortless verification, quickly, accurately and at great scale. 

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Individual verifications have never been so easy.

Trusted by local and global companies

Collect. Check. Done.

In less than 60 seconds.

Multi-factor biometric EIV

Onboard individuals with confidence. Anywhere, anytime.

Conduct realtime KYC and KYB. First AML multi-factor biometric EIV uses AI and smart automation to conduct:

  • User impersonation / spoofing / liveness checks
  • Proof of verification.
  • Data extraction from  documents using OCR.

PEP, sanctions and adverse media

Protect your company from potential reputational and financial damage

Unlike other EIV providers, First AML provides perpetual storage, enabling ongoing PEP, sanction and adverse media screening for fast business, now and in the future. Exception-based reporting for new inclusions, removes white noise while keeping you compliant.

EIV fail safe

If EIV fails, don't worry, you have backup.

Practical AML logic is in-built to First AML's decision engines, so if something goes wrong, additional workflows trigger, prompting customers to upload original documents via secure web forms, keeping the process on track,  and making sure that work isn't falling back on your team.

Source of Wealth / Source of Funds

Remove uncertainty and difficulty

You don't always need both SoW and SoF. But when you do, our solution obtains them, associates them to the case and stores them in our pre-verified entity ecosystem for future use. If SoW / SoF is from new wealth types, such as NFTs or crypto, we deal with that too. 

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