KYC for escrow services

Allow your transactions to complete with confidence. Minimise the risk of your services being used for money laundering. 

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Protect yourself. Escrow is a money laundering target.

KYC for real estate.

Property transactions are uniquely vulnerable to money laundering, so when providing escrow services you need to be especially vigilant.

Get robust KYC/KYB checks on your parties and find out the ultimate beneficial owner on each side so you can transact with confidence. 

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KYC for online marketplaces and ecommerce.

Retain your status as a secure online marketplace. Protect your reputation and your commission and services fees by only letting on legitimate buyers and sellers.  

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KYC for capital financing.

Robust KYC and KYB processes for any deal profile, from M&A activity through to capital raising and more.  Where you are de-risking deals for your clients, get assurance that you are holding legitimate funds for legitimate owners and comply with all your AML regulatory obligations with ease. 

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KYC for pensions.

Trustees of pension plans are required to find out about the companies they conduct business with, including understanding and recording the beneficial owners under the scheme.

Obtain ultimate beneficial owner information, relevant source of funds information, and other necessary KYC and CDD information with our easy request system.  

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Why anti-money laundering should be a business priority for financial services

In a recent survey, we discovered that the majority (57%) of financial services professionals are only ‘somewhat confident’ in their anti-money laundering procedures. 

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The Ultimate AML Cheat Sheet for Compliance Officers (and Teams!)

Getting AML compliance right can be a challenge, but this cheat sheet will help. Here is First AML’s advice on how to deal with the most common problems compliance teams face when verifying their clients.

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Riding the dip: Compliance in a downturn market

To help you through the expected recession, we will be sharing the best research and insights from leading consulting firms.

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How leading non-bank lenders are helping customers achieve their dreams

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