KYC for commercial real estate and property developers.

With property, time really is money.

No matter if your client is a developer or commercial real estate owner, we have their KYC / CDD needs covered.

Solve your toughest AML challenges with property investors.

Ongoing monitoring for serial developers and investors.

Support your clients to meet their development schedule, while you meet compliance requirements with one-off KYC and ongoing monitoring. Keep revolving credit lines open without AML requirements causing problems.

Ongoing monitoring

KYB Inspect

Unwrap complex entity and ownership structures with a click.

With a single button press, visualise entities, UBOs, PSCs, and connections, even across multiple jurisdictions. Automatically retrieve and map verified shareholder data into your entity structures. Welcome to a new era of clarity and simplicity in KYB entity analysis.

KYB inspect

Source of Funds and Source of Wealth

Financial insights and compelling narratives. It's so much more than an Open Banking check.

With Source by First AML, unravelling complex financial stories becomes effortless. The Manifest serves as your guide, simplifying information requests and liberating time to dive deep into how customers amassed their wealth, verifying its legitimacy, and identifying potential additional beneficial owners.

Automated communications empower customers to securely submit evidence while centralised document requests, secure data storage and decision notes auto-build a comprehensive audit trail.

Source of funds and source of wealth

Millions of clients are verified faster through 1000s of companies with First AML.

RX London
Flude Property Consultants

Asset finance

Offer your commercial property clients flexibility and speed; no matter the finance option. Hire purchase, finance leasing, contract hire or operating lease. First AML offers one-off or ongoing KYC for asset resellers and asset manufacturers with property clients.

First AML for Finance

Exceptional experiences

First AML embeds excellent experience in the KYC/KYB process in four key areas:

  • Original document collection, such as SoW and SoF
  • KYC storage for quick retrievals
  • Optimised workflows and smart tasks 
  • Smart automation that removes admin-heavy tasks

Onboarding experience

Publications on AML and property investors

How will the Register of Overseas Entities changes affect your AML process?

From 1 August 2022, the introduction of the Register of Overseas Entities means that your AML verification process for overseas entities will change.

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43% of property professionals ignore rising threat of money laundering fines

Almost half (43%) of property professionals are not improving their anti-money laundering (AML) processes because they either don’t care or don’t think they will get fined.

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Londongrad: how the City became a money-laundering haven

Since the dawn of Russia’s war with Ukraine, scrutiny has intensified on illicit financial activity conducted in the UK.

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5 ways criminals launder money through real estate

Large sums of money, complex transactions, little oversight  – it makes the perfect conditions for money laundering.

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8 Common Struggles with Source of Wealth and Source of Funds

Source of Wealth and Source of Funds are often used interchangeably but they don't mean the same thing. Find out the key differences and impacts.

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